November 4, 2020

Why do Barcelona have the England flag in their crest?

Why do Barcelona have the England flag in their crest

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What could be misunderstood as the English flag on the Barcelona crest is really the symbol of St George’s cross – but why is it there?

If you’ve ever seen the Barcelona crest, you’ll possibly be familiar with some components of it.

It is natural to believe that the red and white flag on the upper-left hand corner is that of the English flag, but while it does bear some similarities, it actually stands for another thing.

So what does the red cross over the white history on Barcelona’s crest symbolise? Goal takes a look.

Why do Barcelona have the England flag in their crest?
What has come to be to be called the English flag – a red changeover a white history – is really St George’s cross.

St George is called a heroic army saint and a crusader, and his cross became the national flag of England because the very early modern duration.

He is known as the patron saint for both England and also Catalonia, called Sant Jordi to Catalans.

The flag of Barcelona itself incorporates St George’s cross, the red and yellow stripes of the Senyera and the symbol of the Crown of Aragorn.

Barcelona’s crest, subsequently, includes St George’s cross in the upper-left corner, the Catalan flag beside it, and the team colours (blue and red) listed below.

St George is celebrated in Barcelona with St George’s Day, having actually become the symbol of Catalonia during the Renaixenca – a political and cultural movement that occurred during the 19th century who fought to recover Catalan identification.

The mythology of Sant Jordi involves his acts of heroism in Catalonia, particularly with his famous fight against the dragon.

The legend specifies that, long ago in the Catalan village Montblanc, the villagers were terrorised by a dragon who scared the citizens and ate the pets until there was no more animals left.

The citizens chose to sacrifice someone everyday by a lotto system in order to overfill the dragon’s hunger, with the sacrifice also a representation of the peoples’ good will.

One day, nevertheless, it was the king’s daughter that was chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon.

Yet as she will be fed on, a knight – Sant Jordi – turned up to face the beast and killed him, rescuing the daughter.

After stabbing the dragon, a red rose bush expanded from the blood that poured out of him. Since then, it has been a Catalan custom to give a rose to a liked one.

It is due to this that his flag appears on both the flag of Barcelona as well as the club’s main crest.

St George is celebrated on April 23 – St George’s Day – and is the Catalan variation of Valentine’s Day.
AC Milan likewise have a similar red cross atop a white background on their crest, yet it is not representative of St George.

Their crest rather is a tribute to Saint Ambrose and the city of Milan, dating back to the 4th century.

St Ambrose was formerly the Diocesan of Milan between 374 and 397 and is a patron saint of the city, the flag made in honour of him.